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About the organization

The Network of Liberals in Mauritania is a non-profit organization working in the field of human rights Founded in 2014 The network believes that all human beings are equal in human rights No one may be deprived of his rights under any justification

The network is concerned with working to shed light on the situation of minorities and vulnerable groups within Mauritania and to limit the violations that these groups face in order for them to fully enjoy rights and freedoms on an equal basis with others and to address discrimination on any basis, whether religion, race, culture, color or other In accordance with the international legality of human rights covenants

The overall vision of the network: Building a society that believes in human rights, freedom, democracy and equality without any discrimination in Mauritania.

General goal: Establishing a cohesive and influential network that acts as a youth nucleus to be a voice for human rights defenders to raise issues in a safe and effective environment, by strengthening ways to protect and empower human rights defenders, and spreading a culture of freedom for all.

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