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Courage and sacrifice

Mauritania is a conservative Islamic republic located in West Africa, where the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community faces extreme discrimination and violence.
the country’s strict interpretation of Islamic law also criminalizes homosexuality and transgender identities.

In practice, LGBTQ individuals in Mauritania face widespread discrimination, harassment, and violence from both the government and society at large. They often live in fear of arrest, physical violence, and social ostracism.

Furthermore, LGBTQ rights organizations and activists in Mauritania face significant challenges due to government restrictions on freedom of speech and association. The government tightly controls public expression and does not tolerate dissent or criticism, particularly on sensitive social issues such as homosexuality.

Despite these challenges, some brave LGBTQ activists in Mauritania are working to raise awareness about LGBTQ rights and to promote greater acceptance and tolerance in society. These activists often work underground, using social media and other online platforms to communicate and coordinate their activities.
LGBTQ individuals in Mauritania face severe discrimination and violence, and there is very little legal or social protection for their rights. Despite these challenges, some activists are working to promote greater acceptance and tolerance, but their efforts are met with significant opposition from both the government and society at large.