Who is Rahaf?

She is a transgender woman who identifies as a woman despite being born male. She chose to follow her own feelings and tendencies rather than the expectations of her society and family. She was the first transgender woman to appear in the media in Mauritania and currently lives in secret in an Arab country due to the dangers she faces as a transgender person.

Rahaf has faced numerous difficulties as a transgender person. Her family has abandoned her and even attempted to kill her. She has also faced alienation and settled in a country close to her own where she lives in constant fear for her life. Mauritania does not provide any medical or psychological support for transgender people, and the legal system does not protect them from violence or discrimination.

Despite facing hate speech and threats on social media, Rahaf believes that the international community must take action to address the suffering of homosexuals and transsexuals in Mauritania. She believes that gender pluralism and rights are essential, and that all citizens have equal rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Rahaf’s message to the Mauritanian community is one of courage and resilience. She urges others not to let violence, oppression, discrimination, and inequality destroy their determination to assert their rights. Rahaf’s story is similar to many other transgender people in Arab and Islamic countries who are standing up for their identities and fighting against tyranny.

By DerChef